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General meeting ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan”

The general meeting of the member of ULPA «IAK» elects the Council of Association and President of Association for a term of 3 years from the executive employees of legal persons – Members. Under the president of the Association there is the executive directorate represented by the chief executive officer. Employees of the executive directorate are employed on contract by contract basis by the president of the Association in the limits of the stuff schedule and cost sheet approved by the general meeting.

The general meeting has the right to make decisions on any issues of the activity of Association.




General Meeting of the "Internet Association of Kazakhstan" are held annually. In the event of circumstances that require extraordinary meeting of the members of IAK, the meeting may be held more often.


General meeting 2013

2013 General meeting wasn't held yet




General meeting 2012

11 May 2012 

Meeting of the Council of IAK




General meeting 2011

On 6 th April 2011 members of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” held their general meeting. They read and approved of the End of Assignment Report for 2010 and solved a number of organizational issues.




On July 15, 2011 Almaty hosted the extraordinary meeting of the members of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan”. The new members are approved of, the president and vice-president of the Association is elected, a number of organizational issues are settled.