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  • Горячая линия по борьбе с противоправным контентом, Интернет Ассоциация Казахстана

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    If you are not indifferent to Kaznet, join us! We can make Kaznet better together!
  • Internet Universality ROAM-X Indicators report 2021

    28 October 2022 the meeting of the Multistakeholder Advisory Board (MAB) took place to present the National Internet Universality Indicators (IUI) country assessment report for the year 2021.

    The Internet Universality Indicators developed by UNESCO look at 5 key dimensions of national Internet environments: Rights, Openness, Accessibility, Multistakeholder participation, and Cross-cutting issues ("ROAM-X"). Following the development of these indicators, the implementation phase started to voluntarily evaluate national Internet environments.


  • Kazakhstan: intermediate Report Internet Universality Indicators ROAM-X

    On June 13, 2022, a regular meeting of the Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Board(MAB) was held to discuss the interim report on the assessment of national indicators of Internet universality (IUI) in the country for 2021.

    The Internet Universality Indicators developed by UNESCO look at 5 key dimensions of the national Internet environment: Rights, Openness, Accessibility, Multistakeholder Participation and Cross Sectoral Issues (ROAM-X). Voluntary assessment of the study of the national Internet environment of the Republic of Kazakhstan began in February this year. An interim report is currently being reviewed, providing the main structure of the report, findings, analysis and recommendations.


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  • Kazakh language in Internet

    Today about 12% of sites Kaznet are in the Kazakh language. Each year new Kazakh-language sites appear (including encyclopedia in the Kazakh language (, e-versions of mass media are developed, different seminars, conferences, trainings and contests are held. According to the internet community, it is necessary to search new ways to make the content in the state language become popular.





  • Commission on rights

    A body under “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” which is destined to help businesses and physical bodies to thrash out relevance of requirements or claims in a dispute  is legal differences commission.The committee can also work out recommendations that will be applied as evidence in court or other bodies engaged in trial of a case. The committee is to help the existing agencies to deal with a situation in such a new sphere as internet which still has no legislative regulation of such disputes.

  • Arbitration court

    Companies often have questions in the process of work in any new sphere, for example, such as IT and internet, in particular; there no answers to them in the existing legislature. It is impossible to solve a question definitely in somebody’s favor without advices of competent organizations. It is for solving the issues that has no definite answer in legislature that Internet Association of Kazakhstan proposed the project of "Аrbitration court", which will provide pre-court examination of disputes of businesses or private bodies in the sphere of internet.

  • Secure Internet

    One of the most relevant tasks of the Union of legal persons in the form Association “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” is popularization of the national segment of Internet and cooperation in its development as harmonic space considering interests of all users. Therefore the aim of or project is to assist by public means in measures combating cult of cruelty and violence, drug addiction, pornography, extremism and terrorism especially among sensitive growing generation.


Members of Internet Association

  • Крис-Телеком-Сервис
  • ТОО «Компания «ЮрИнфо»
  • Future telecom
  • ТОО «MediaArt-stX»
  • ТОО «Интернет-компания PS»
  • ТОО «Dynamics Technologies»
  • ИП «Мизинов»
  • TOO "SoftDeCo"
  • "WikiBilim" Public Foundation
  • ОО "Союз защиты права собственности"
  • ОО «Национальный Пресс-клуб»
  • ТОО "Mediana Services Limited"
  • Мультимедийный портал "Меломан"
  • Учреждение «Казахский центр сетевой информации» (KazNIC)
  • ТОО «Effective Media Liaison»
  • Сұрақ-Жауап
  • Компания "Seven Sky Group"