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About us

Mission and objectives of the Internet Association of Kazakhstan

In May 2009 a number of companies became the founders of new non-commercial organization Union of the Legal Person of the form Association «Internet Association of Kazakhstan». And on 3rd June 2009 ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” was officially registered in state agencies.


The following control and regulatory bodies are formed in the Association:

 The Supreme management body of the Association is the General meeting of the authorized representatives of the Members of Association. The general meeting of the member of ULPA «IAK» elects the Council of Association and President of Association for a term of 3 years from the executive employees of legal persons – Members.

Persons of the "Internet Association of Kazakhstan"

ULPA "Internet Association of Kazakhstan" - the organization rally specialists in the field of internet and new technologies. Here are the  people who  are actively involved in "Internet  Association of Kazakhstan".

Join the Union of the Legal Entities

Joining the Association is realized by the Council of Association and approved by the General meeting of the members of Association on the basis of the application form of the Candidate. The members of Association have a right as they see fit to withdraw from the Association.

Activity plan

Every year for the planning of work the association prepared a preliminary work plan for the association for the coming year. Acquainted with themp here.

Documents of an Аssociation

This section provides for the constituent documents of the Union of the Legal Person of the form Association «Internet Association of Kazakhstan».

Members of Internet Association of Kazakhstan

Members of the ULPA «IAK» are companies from all sectors related with the Internet including Internet service providers, registrars of domain names, hosting - providers, information, entertainment, theme, professional websites, web - studio, etc. Thus, the ULPA «IAK» has the ability to represent all areas of industry.

Strategic Partners ULPA "IAK"


Partners of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” are the leading telecommunication companies, companies engaged in analysis and study of internet space. ULPA IAK holds different events on the development of internet market in partnership with different companies.

Our awards

During of work ULPA «Internet Association of Kazakhstan» and its representatives have been awarded many prizes and awards. There are such awards  like for the joint work from the government, the rewards of public organizations and professional awards. All awards of ULPA "IAK" you can see in this section of our website.