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Plan of work of Association of legal entities “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” for year 2011


Content of works (description of events, projects, etc.)Terms Place of conduction and organizer
Organizational and administrative activity
1General meetings of IAK membersDuring the yearIAK
2Attraction of new members in IAKDuring the yearIAK
3Support, update and development of IAK web site ( the yearIAK
4Preparation and distribution among IAK members of informative digest “Vestnik IAK” (PDF-format) with the news of the market of internet services in the world and Kazakhstan, monitoring of legislative initiatives in the sphere of internet and coverage of IAK activitiesDuring the year, once in a monthIAK
Development of regulatory and legal framework of Kaznet
5Preparation of expert conclusions and participation in working groups on discussion of  bills of the Republic of KazakhstanDuring the yearIAK
6Elaboration of proposals concerning change of legislature on priority activities of IAK members, in particular, on the bill “About amendments in some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on e-money issues”During the yearIAK
7Copyright protection in Internet.IAK
8Work in the group on bill “About e-commerce”IAK
9Bill “About television and radio broadcasting”IAK
10Bills in the sphere of ICT and Internet.IAK
11Realization of program “Hotline on combating illegal content”. Creation of the system of tracking and notification about illegal content.During the yearIAK
12Creation of Legal Commission on informative disputes and web site Complaint, for users claims, physical entities to internet providers (access, registration of domains, Web hosting, domain names, etc.)IAK
13Creation of Arbitration Court of IAK ( for settlement of disputes in the sphere of Internet between legal entities2nd quarterIAK
14Organization and conduction of round tables on the theme “20th anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence: prospective and ways of development of Kaznet”3rd quarterIAK, МC
15Round tables and other events directed at development of Kaznet2nd -4th quarterIAK, «ЮрИнфо», KazASP, “Meloman”
Development of Kazakhstani content in Internet
16Development and promotion of internet-projects directed at promotion of the Kazakh language among population: 1) Portal for elementary level students. 2) Portal for children in Kazakh. 3) Site-conversation book in Kazakh. 4) Portal for compatriots living abroad.During the yearIAK, МC
17Organization and conduction of round tables and other events concerning increase of Kazakh content in Internet (quantity and geography of sites, used technologies and alphabets, themes and authors, best sites, etc.)2nd quarterIAK, MC RK
18Agreements with JSC “Kazakhtelecom” about free hosting for internet resources to the IAK members (installation of own web-servers)1st quarterIAK, JSC “Kazcontent”, JSC “Kazakhtelecom”
Development of internet-business in RK
19Organization and conduction of round tables and other events concerning cooperation of business and the state in internet sphereDuring the yearIAK, MCI, heads of internet companies
20Creation of top-grade sectoral (vertical) portals with a view of world promotion of Kazakhstani businessDuring the yearIAK, sectoral associations
21Agreement with mobile service providers (SMS) about rendering favorable terms to IAK member-companies that represent informative services paying with the help of SMS1st quarterIAK MCI, JSC “Kazakhtelecom” mobile service providers
International activity
22Accreditation of ULPA “IAK” in international organizations (InHOPE, UN, etc.)During the yearIAK, MC RK, MFA RK
23Participation in the events of state agencies and departments in the sphere of ICT, access to information, e-Media and InternetDuring the yearIAK
Public awareness campaign and promotion of internet technologies
24A number of lectures in universities and colleges to cover the attractiveness of Kazakh net segment for the realization of the projects.During the yearIAK
25A number of lectures in schools for the promotion of Kazakh educational sites among pupils.During the yearIAK
26Participation in conferences of bloggers and new mass media.IAK
Marketing and analytical activity
27Creation of the database for Kazakh participating companies of the internet-services marketDuring the yearIAK
28A number of round tables on promotion of ads in internet.IAK, heads of companies
29Collection of data from the companies that sell ads and ad agencies to measure market of internet ad in Kazakhstan.IAK, ad agencies
30Collection of data and creation of site about internet providers with comparison of prices and quality of rendered services.IAK
31Attraction of research of cost per contact with customer in internet compared to offline means.IAK
Offline forums and conferences in Kazakhstan
32Conference for specialists of new media BarCamp Central Asia 2011 (
3318th Central Asian International Telecommunications and Informational Technologies Exhibition KITEL 2011 ( -27th MayIteca and ITE Group PLC
348th Site contest “National internet award 2010”June-November“National internet award”” and IAK supported by MCI RK
35ICANN Meeting no. 38 ( -12 MarchNairobi (Kenya)
366th conference “eTarget. Managing audience and advertising in Internet” ( ROCIT
37II United conference RIF+CIB 2011 ( Till year 2009 they were held separately.RIF ( and CIB ( – 26th  MarchMoscow. “Ashmanov and partners”, “Begun”, Mail.Ru, “Rambler” and “Yandex”
382-я конференция «Безопасность детей в интернете: предупреждение, образование, взаимодействие» ( AprilKiev. “CARE”, “Euroindex” and “Business Registr”
392nd conference “Safety of children in Internet: warning, education, cooperation” ( -23rd AprilMoscow. AIB and ROCIT supported by MCMM RF, FAPMC and  CC of domain RU
40RIPE Regional Meeting & ENOG6th -8th JuneRIPE Moscow