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Izhanov Marat

Head of the internet agency “Izhanov and Partners”

Member of EZHE union and FRI exhibit.

Creator of international Kazakh server and site of Kazakhstan football national team.  

Head of staffing company “K+”, internet system “Expertika”, organizer of “10 years to Kaznet”.


Education institutions

  • Moscow electro-technical college. Department of radio electronics.
  • Moscow State Open University. Department of computer technology and radio electronics.
  • Diplomatic academy of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation. The English language courses.

Places of work

  • Distribution manager. Trade center “SAN” (trading company, dealer of appliance producers and producers of computer equipment).
  • Chief Commercial Officer. Company “General Soft” (automatization of trading enterprises, personal program product “systemа SHOP”).
  • Supervisor. LLC “SAN Copir” (delivery, service maintenance of copy machines).
  • Financial director, share holder. Holding “Novoe Tekhnosodruzhestvo” (new technical commonwealth). (Trader of ferrous materials, ferrous-based alloys).
  • Head, owner. Internet agency “Izhanov and Partners”.

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