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Join the Union of the Legal Entities

Joining the Association is realized by the Council of Association and approved by the General meeting of the members of Association on the basis of the application form of the Candidate. The members of Association have a right as they see fit to withdraw from the Association.


In this case the member of Association is subsidiary responsible on its obligations appeared until he withdraws the Association, proportionally to his investment during two years from the moment of withdrawal. Withdrawal is realized on the basis of the application filed to the president of Association.

Member of Association can be excluded from the Association following the decision of the majority of members of Association those present at the general meeting of the Association for the activity contradicting the aims and tasks of the Accusation, violation of the Charter of Association, Foundation Agreements and other documents regulating the activity of Association.

People that withdrew the Association have no right to demand back the money they paid as due.

People excluded from the Association can again join the Association no sooner than upon the expiration of one year.


Application to join the members of the Internet Association of Kazakhstan

The following documents should be attached to the entry application:

  1. Charter xerox;
  2. Xerox of Constituent Agreement;
  3. Xerox of the certificate of state registration;
  4. Information about the company (year of foundation, company profile, short portfolio, history of the company);
  5. Report about the number of people employed in the organization (stuff numbers given contractors).

Entry fee to the Association are based on the Decision of Annual meeting of the Association dated "22" December 2015. There are no memebership fee. Entry fee is 100 times of the monthly accointing index.

The organization that filed an application for entry to the Association will pay the sum of entry fee in one payment on the basis of Decision of the Annual Meeting of the Association within 5 working days from the date of this Decision.

Payment of annual membership fee is cancelled by the Decision of the Annual Meeitng dated "22" Deecember 2015.

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