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Council of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan”


The Council of Association is a collegial management body of ULPA “IAK”.


The general meeting of the Members elects the Council of Association and the President of Association for a term of 3 years from the number of executive employees of legal entities, the Members.Under the President there is executive directorate represented by the chief executive officer.  

The general management of the activity of Association is realized by the Council of Association in the period between General meetings.Members of the Council of Association are elected at the General meeting of the members of Association for a term determined by the General meeting of the Association.

The number of employees of the Council is determined by the General meeting of the members of Association but cannot exceed 11 members and be less than 5 members. 

The President of Association heads the Council of Association.The Council of Association holds its meetings not less than 4 times a year. Extraordinary meetings of the Council are held on demand of any member of Association.

Decisions of the Council are taken by a simple majority vote, excluding the issues requiring unanimous decision-making.The work of the Council, meetings of the Council, including voting with consent of all the members of the Council can be held in electronic way.


Activity of the Council of Association

The competence of the Council includes the following issues:

  1. Elaboration and approval of draft programs, approval of working plans of the Association;
  2. Convocation of regular and extraordinary General meetings of the members of Association;
  3. Control over execution of decisions of the General meeting of the members of Association;
  4. Approval of the budget, payroll schedule, estimate of expenditure, wage conditions of the President of Association, regulations on compensation of the employees of the executive body, accounting policies, other documents regulating legal aspects of the work of Association;
  5. Permission of foreign business trips for the employees of the executive body irrespective of the source of financing;
  6. Solution of issues that are not referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the General meeting of the members of the Association;
  7. Remarks to the members of Association in case of violation of item 6.1 of the Charter;
  8. Termination of membership in Association in case of repeated violation of the Charter during the year.

According to Articles of Corporation and Decision of the Annual Meeting dated 22 December 2015 the executive personal of the IAK are::

Council of the Association consists of 5 persons:
Mr. Shavkat Sabirov, Mr.Victor PokusovMr.Igor Loskutov, Mr.Sergey Alabugin, Mr.Daniyar Sugralinov

Council observers:
Chairman of the Board of auditors Mr. Anatoliy Bachikalov
Members of the Board of auditors Mr. Vlad Vaysmann, Mr. Leonid Shishkin

Mr. Shavkat Sabirov
General Manager of Inspection and Research Services LTD,
Тел: +7 (727) 273-2463 раб

Vice-president for administrative and organizational issues
Mr.Sergey Alabugin


Vice-president for development
Mr. Adilbek Saresenov

Vice-president for communications
Mr.Daniyar Sugralinov