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President of Association

 The President of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” Sabirov Shavkat




The president is elected by the general meeting from the executive employees of legal persons – Members of Association, for a term of 3 years.



Competence of the president is the following:

  1. General management over the activity of the Association and the Council in the period between general meetings;
  2. Execution of the decisions of the general meeting;
  3. Elaboration of the plans of activity, stuff schedule of executive directorate of the Association and cost sheet for its maintenance;
  4. Summon of regular and extraordinary general meetings of the Association, formation of the agenda;
  5. Summon of the regular and extraordinary sessions of the Council of Association, formation of the agenda;
  6. The president with full authority and on the basis of the Charter acts on behalf of the Association, represents its interests concerning physical and legal persons. In the limits of the rights granted to him, the president dispose of the property and money if Association, opens current and other accounts in banks and credit institutions, concludes contracts, including labor one, gives letters of attorney, establishes orders and decrees;
  7. At least once a year the president makes report to the general meeting concerning the results of the activity of Association;
  8. Other issues of the Association’s activity, except those referred to the exclusive competence of the Council and general meeting of the Association.


The president has the right to refuse the execution of his duties, having informed the Members of Association in written form not later that one month before the actual termination of the duties.