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Members of Internet Association of Kazakhstan

Members of the ULPA «IAK» are companies from all sectors related with the Internet including Internet service providers, registrars of domain names, hosting - providers, information, entertainment, theme, professional websites, web - studio, etc. Thus, the ULPA «IAK» has the ability to represent all areas of industry.


Founders of the Association:

  1. “Kris-Telecom-Service Ltd”
  2. “Future Telecom Ltd”
  3. “Kazinter Systems Solutions Ltd”

Members of the Association:

(on the basis of the date of join)


“Kris-Telecom-Service Ltd”

Date of join12.05.2009

Universal telecommunication company rendering wide range of high quality telecommunication services based on the use of cutting-edge technologies. Communications services are provided in the territory of Almaty and Astana.

Contacts Almaty, 119a Kazybek bi Street 
tel: +7 (727) 341-71-71



“Future Telecom Ltd”

Date of join: 12.05.2009

The main subject of work is providing of local telephone services, telecommunication equipment, IP telephony services, telecommunications on private network communication, etc.

ContactsAlmaty 534 Seifullin Avenue, room 92



“Kazinter Systems Solutions Ltd”

Date of join: 12.05.2009

“Kazinter Systems Solutions Ltd” was founded in 2002. The company is working in the internet services market. The work of the company is based on consulting in the sphere of business processes, information systems, electronic services and internet resources: elaboration and optimization (reengineering) of structural models, rendering of IT services and normative and technical documentation; creation and maintenance of network internet resources, etc.

ContactsAlmaty, 160 Nurmakov Street



“KAZNET Media Ltd”

Date of join: 13.07.2009

Work of the company is based on resolving of any issues connected with elaboration, support and promotion of web sites using up-to-date technologies of website development, unusual advertising tricks, etc.

Contacts Astana, 27 Syganak Street, b/c "Pekin palas" 11 floor

tel: +7(7172) 53-92-39



JSC “Kazcontent”

Date of join06.08.2009

Subsidiary enterprise of the National information communication holding “Zerde”. The basic work is formation of developed national segment of global Internet in Kazakhstan, development of network information resources, organization of information and communication infrastructure.

Contacts Astana, 33 Tauelsizidik Street 

tel: +7(7172) 50-21-10, internal number 103




DIS JSC “Kazakhtelecom”

Date of join: 06.09.2009

From 2006 Directorate of Information Systems (DIS) is the branch of the biggest telecommunication company, National service provider JSC “Kazakhtelecom”. The directorate does business in telecommunication market. Its work is basically directed at rendering of hi-tech telecommunication decisions.

Contacts Almaty, 39a Chaikovsky Street, room 113 

tel: +7(727) 227-85-07
fax: +7(727) 227-85-03



«ЮрИнфо Company»

Date of join: 06.10.2009

ЮрИнфо Company produces multimedia products for lawyers, accountants, doctors, businessmen. For example, multimedia databases Information Legal System Lawyer, Accountant; monthly journal lawyer, and the project that is visited in Kaznet very often and

Contacts Almaty, 43V Ryskulov Avenue 

tel: +7(727) 239-33-22



IE “Mizinov”

Date of join: 06.11.2009

Internet newspaper Zona kz

ContactsAlmaty, 154 Kabanbai batyr Street, room 12

tel: +7(727) 292-28-88



    “Taulink Ltd”

Date of join: 12.11.2009

The company has a great network infrastructure, system on acceptance of payments TAULINK, which is represented in more than 4000 trade and service points in 320 populated areas of Kazakhstan.

Contacts Almaty, 142 Bogenbai batyr Street, room 500

tel: +7(727) 313-03-03

fax: +7(727) 313-06-06



«H-Group» Ltd

Date of join: 17.11.2009

Contacts Almaty, 199a Kazybek bi Street



Public Association “National press club”

Date of join: 30.01.2010

Pubic association of journalists which aim is to develop constructive, civilized dialogue of different branches of government and mass media, support freedom of press, generalize world experience in organization of mass media activity, involve republican mass media in international information space, render the services connected with receiving and processing of necessary information to domestic and foreign journalists and media workers.

ContactsAlmaty, 122 Furmanov Street

tel: +7(727) 267-03-63

fax: +7(727) 267-04-63



“Internet portal “Urta” Ltd”

Date of join09.04.2010

Site is the project selling electronic content in the territory of Kazakhstan. The site has the right to distribute digital content. Its aim is to become the most popular in selling license digital content in Internet. is both e-shop and place for communication. Users can be socially active using music, video, games and other products of intellectual property.

Contacts Almaty, 13 Al-Farabi Avenue, Nurly Tau business center, room 501



“Neolabs Ltd”

 Date of join23.04.2010

Neolabs company is developing dynamically. It has been working in the market since 2001. The company renders a wide range of services in different directions. One of the basic directions of Neolabs company is hosting services.

ContactsAlmaty, 15 Republic Avenue, room 14, 27 
tel: +7(727) 388-82-35



“MediaArt-stX Ltd”

Date of join 23.04.2010

The work of the company is directed at collection of data and conduction of local researches for advertising in internet; working out of promotion strategy and media planning of posting advertising in internet; elaboration of all spectrum of advertising mediums to be posted in internet; optimization of advertising mediums and their posting during advertizing campaign.

Contacts Almaty, microdistrict 9, house #4, room 49

tel: +7(727) 377-46-90/94

fax: +7(727) 377-46-94



“Internet company PS Ltd”

Date of join 02.06.2010

The main direction of Internet company Ps is hosting and registration of domains in Kazakhstan.

Contacts Almaty, 15 Republic Square, room 121, 124



“Dynamics Technologies Ltd”

Date of join 02.06.2010

“Dynamics Technologies” is the integrator in the sphere of information technologies, and developer of complex automated systems and custom software for both personal computers and mobile devices.

Contacts Astana, 19 Imanov Street, room 806

tel: +7(7172) 78-74-33, +7(7172) 78-74-34




Date of join: 02.06.2010

Kazakhstani Association on Protection of Copyrights and Allied rights (KAZASP) was registered according to the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Ministry of Justice of RK on January 14, 2003. KAZASP was founded by the biggest Kazakhstani home video distributors as non-commercial organization engaged in combating “piracy”.

ContactsAlmaty, 2 Klyuchevaya street, house #6



Manifest Design Studio

Date of join: 05.05.2011

Design Studio Manifest a progressive developer and supplier of Kazakh advertising, design and Internet solutions for those customers who share a love of new ideas, interesting decisions and the desire to be first , regardless of in what area they work.

Contacts Almaty, Shagabutdinova, Zhambyla 117/122, оф. 576



Kazakhnetwork information(KazNIC)

Date of join: 15.07.2010

The establishment of the Kazakh network information center is a manager to support top-level domain name KZ. Manager independently determines the rules and procedure for registration of domain names the second and subsequent levels in strict compliance with existing standards and regulations of the delegation of domain names on the Internet (,, etc.)

ContactsEast-Kazakhstan region, Semey, B. Momyshuly, 22. 0

tel: +7 (7222) 52-58-00




"Effective Media Liaison" LTD


Date of join15.07.2010

Effective Media Liaison

Contacts Almaty, Tole bi, 148 

tel: +7 (727) 3888020



SО "Union of protection of property rights"

Date of join: 15.07.2010

The main activity is to protect the interests of union members in civil, administrative and criminal cases in courts, as well as all state and public organizations.

Contacts Almaty, Masanchi str., 99 of.1. 

tel: +7(727) 292-07-10



ТОО "Международный казахский сервер "Казах.ру"

Date of join: 15.11.2011 - a place of communication and information about Kazakhstan and Kazakh people living abroad.

ContactsAlmaty, 64 Avenue Zhibek Zholy



ТОО "Techostan" (Техостан)

Date of join: 15.11.2011

Techostan company works since 2003 in the development and implementation IT solutions. The company operates in two main areas - Software Development and IT Consulting.

Contacts Almaty, Medeu disrict, Dostyk Avenue. 85а, office 309



PО "Wikibilim"

Date of join: 15.11.2011

The Kazakhstani foundation «Wikibilim» is the public organization created by activists of Wikipedia in Kazakhstan. Now «Wikibilim» has the status of administrator of the Kazakh Wikipedia, as well as permission to use the trading mark Wikipedia for promotion of the project in Kazakhstan.

Contacts Almaty, Abylai Khan 105.

tel: +7 (727) 272-5977



"SoftDeCo, Ltd"

Date of join: 15.11.2011

It is the leading Kazakhstani Company of developers in the sphere of WEB and Software. The company is engaged in working out of sites, web-decisions, software, training and maintenance of their projects.

Contacts Almaty, Abaya 153, 9 floor, office 33.

tel.:+7 (727) 250-95-71, 259-94-22



 "Mediana Services Limited"

Date of join: 06.03.2012

"Mediana Services Limited" one of the companies whose professional activity is aimed at promoting the development of information,computer and advertising services. Founded in 2007, the city of Aktau, Kazakhstan.

Contacts Aktau, 3 "B" mic., 16 Business Center Building, 219 office. 

tel.: +7 (7292) 750-550,+7 (777) 630-20-10




Date of join: 01.04.2012

"Meloman" is the largest company on the Kazakhstani market which specializes in audio and video products. "Meloman" trademark was registered in 1987. Currently it is present is all major cities of Kazakhstan where Meloman is recognizable and prestigious.

Contacts Ust-Kamenagorsk, Kirova street, д. 46 house
tel.: +7 (727) 232-26-22



 "Institution of Media Standarts"

Date of join22.05.2012

"Institution of Media Standarts" is a public fund which was established in Kazakhstan for development of new media. Newspapers. Radio. Television. Internet. The new era is coming to media which means merging of different media paltforms. New knowledges and skills are required from journalists, media managers, journalism teaching staff and training organizers.

Contacts Almaty, Bogenbai Batyra str, 80, 3 floor, office 302 
tel.: +7 (727) 329-17-10



 ТОО «Internet Avenue» 


Date of join25.04.2013

Contacts: district 10, d.6a, Almaty, 050035, Kazakhstan

tel.+7 (727) 390-54-76, +7 (727) 390-54-78



 ТОО «VMG Consultancy» 


Date of join25.04.2013

Contact: +7 727 2672544



 ТОО «Alma Cloud»


Date of join25.04.2013

Contacts: Almaty Street. Tole bi, 113/55, (corner of ul. Panfilov), 3rd floor, office number 6

tel./fax: +7 (727) 354-01-28, +7 (727) 354-01-284





Date of join25.04.2013

 Contacts: Almaty, Panfilov 212

tel.+7 (727) 356-12-12,  +7 (777) 773-14-14 





Date of join13.09.2013


Info portal


Contacts: Event-agency: +7 701 714 08 33  Editorial: +7 777 346 33 64

Internet-agency: +7 777 188 44 11 email:





Date of join07.11.2013

Contacts: email:





Date of join: 16.01.2014

Surak-Zhauap Sites - Web resource which is a system questions and answers.



«Seven Sky Group»


Date of join:  11.05.2014

Seven Sky Group is a company that develops software for mobile devices on the base of  Androidand  iOS operating systems. It also develops smart TV applications and biometric software for time tracking and access control systems

Contacts:  Almaty, Abaya 153, 34 office.
tel./fax:  +7 (727) 225 74 67, email:



Prospective Members of Association:

  • - Internet service providers;
  • - Hosting providers and providers of domain names registration;
  • - Content providers;
  • - Website developers;
  • - Owners of press and internet media;
  • - Companies doing PR and internet advertising;
  • - Research companies;
  • - Owners of online payment systems;
  • - Owners of social (communication and acquaintance) and filesharing (video, audio, software, texts) networks;
  • - Educational institutions;
  • - Companies engaged in investments in Kaznet.