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Mission and objectives of the Internet Association of Kazakhstan

In May 2009 a number of companies became the founders of new non-commercial organization Union of the Legal Person of the form Association «Internet Association of Kazakhstan». And on 3rd June 2009 ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” was officially registered in state agencies.


The activity of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” is regulated by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About public associations” and “About non-commercial organizations”, Civil code of RK, Code of civil procedure of RK, Code of RK about administrative violations and other regulatory legal acts.



Objectives ULPA«Internet Association of Kazakhstan»:

  1. Representation of interests of members of the Kazakhstan market for Internet services in public authorities;
  2. Presentation of the achievements of the Kazakhstan market for Internet services at the international level, promoting the active participation of Kazakhstani Internet companies in international projects;
  3. Establishment and development of quality standards for the provision of Internet services;
  4. The development of the market for Internet services, including electronic media (the media) and the means of mass communication (JMC), as an important sector of the economy of Kazakhstan;
  5. The upgrade of public confidence in electronic technology, increasing the attractiveness of the market for Internet services to advertisers and investors;
  6. The study and systematization of Kazakhstan and international experience in market development of Internet services;
  7. Certification of Internet services;
  8.  Organizing and conducting educational and scientific conferences, forums and symposiums on the subject of the Internet;
  9. Contribute to achieving and maintaining a high level of expertise of Kazakh specialists in the field of Internet services.