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Activity of Union of the Legal Person of the form Association «Internet Association of Kazakhstan»

Objects of activity of the Association

  • representing the interests of the Association in preparation and discussion of regulatory acts in the sphere of Internet, participation in preparation and initiation of changes in laws of the Republic;
  • promotion of goods and services produced, sold, executed and provided by the members of Association, with a view of expanding their use and facilitate the process of integration with other Internet technologies;
  • assistance in development, formation and administration of domain names KZ of Kazakhstani segment of the global Internet;
  • assistance in promotion of Kazakhstani software programs and state-of-the-art developments to the world markets of internet technologies;
  • assistance in development of contacts between Kazakhstani and international public, state and commercial organizations in the sphere of internet technologies;
  • conduction and participation in research-to-practice conferences, seminars, round tables dedicated to Internet;
  • representing the interests of the Association members in international organizations (ICANN)

Business Dimensions

Taking into account the tasks and objectives of IAK it is planned to develop the following business dimensions:

  • Interaction with the interested state bodies, local governments and agencies (participation in the committees, drafting laws and regulations, amendments to existing regulations, conduction of analytical studies and preparation of recommendations for legislations and government programs).
  • Regional activity (development of infrastructure, search and assessment of unique regional projects and technologies, experience exchange, development of services and content, certification).
  • International activity (presenting of members of Kazakhstani market of internet services in international level; representing of interests of foreign companies, organizations of legal entities in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
  • Analytical activity, consulting (research, interviews, analytics; events: round tables, internet-classes and others as part of offline events, seminars, presentations; monitoring technologies).
  • Public awareness campaign and promotion of information technologies (cycle programs in mass-media: broadcast, TV shows, support of internet web-sites; seminars, forums, regional branches, joint and partnership events with other organizations, socially important projects in the sphere of information computer technologies).
  • Participation in charities (elaboration and realization of charity programs in the sphere of internet, attraction of financial resources allotted as grants, initiation of grants, etc).
  • Other directions (organization of different awards for contribution in development of Kazakhstani segment of Internet, initiation and presentation of awards, diplomas, award pins for achievements in the sphere of information computer technologies, stuff training, rendering of innovative implemental, organizational and other intermediary services, creation of facilities that guaranties successful introduction of charter activity of IAK).

IAK actively cooperated with the same organizations in other states of the world, for example, RAEC ( and ROCIT ( in Russia or Internet Association of Ukraine (