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IAK unites business and society in the zeal to make Kaznet secure internet space

On December 8, 2011 in Almaty the Internet Association of Kazakhstan initiated the round table “Secure internet space of Kazakhstan: tasks of society and business”. The following participated in the discussion: representatives of service providers, hosting providers and leading Kazakhstani internet resources. They determined the main trends of their work on coordination of efforts of all the members of the Kazakhstani segment of Internet (Kaznet)to combat illegal content.


One of the most relevant tasks of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” (hereinafter referred to as IAK) is combating propaganda in internet of cult of cruelty and violence, drug addiction, pornography, extremism and terrorism that are especially perceived by the growing generation.

In June 2010 15 Kazakhstani service providers and hosting providers signed the Declaration “About secure internet”. This agreement establishes the basic principles of efficient application of legislature regulating relations in the sphere of information and communication technologies (ICT), and finds the single approaches in combating illegal content in Internet by coordinating the activity of hosting providers service providers, society and business.


For example, in 2010, according to the Criminal Police Committee of the Ministry of internal affairs of RK, they revealed more than 1800 facts of law infringements in the sphere of ICT, more than 200 criminal cases were initiated, including 15 cases of illegal access to computers, 81 cases of realization of counterfeit products, 6 cases of illegal realization of special technical means, 21 cases of sponsored use of internet. In terms of operating procedures on combating distribution of pornography 61 cases were initiated and 4 cases on distribution of cult of cruelty and violence.


With the same purpose the internet resource, was created. With its help users can leave messages with links to web resources of Kaznet that distribute video, audio and other materials violating legislature of Kazakhstan or insulting human dignity. Experts of Hotline consider a message, hold information and technical analysis of the revealed content and in case the fact of negative is confirmed, they immediately contact the owner of internet resource or its hosting provider to take the necessary measures. The service provides total privacy of all personal data of the sender of a message!


Creating resource by the efforts of our public organization, we do the specific steps in combating illegal content. We work actively with many owners of internet resources both in Kazakhstan and abroad, says the president of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” Vladimir Turekhanov. In future IAK will actively participate in this process. It is better and more efficient to combat illegal content all together, users, service providers and state.

As far as mobile and broadband access in Internet is developing, the introduction of “parent control” service becomes more relevant, because internet became the essential part of lives of the modern children. According to service providers and hosting providers, the reduced volume of illegal content in Kaznet directly depends on creation and promotion of qualified resources with positive information and useful services.

Members of the round table hope that such events will become traditional place for public discussion, and service will be the single platform for proposals and expression of active social responsibility of the representatives of the state, business and society in combating illegal content in internet.