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Law “About law enforcement agencies”

Law “About law enforcement agencies” is one of the most important laws of the state regulating the activity of law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” took active part in collection of proposals for this law; IAK received the letter of gratitude from the first deputy of the Minister of internal affairs M. Demeuov.

Law “About access to information”

Law “About access to information” is an important law controlling the level of access to information and regulating its use.

Law “About space activities”

Draft law allows increasing contribution of space activities in acceleration of social and economic development of Kazakhstan, systemizing the legal regulation of public relations in the sphere of space activities.

Bill “About television and radio broadcasting”

The bill is directed at development of domestic television and radio broadcasting and its higher competitive ability, as well as creation of legal base for transition to digital broadcasting. Representatives of the ministry of communication and information promised to take into account all the remarks and improve the document.

Bill about e-money

At discussing this bill they formed a working group consisting of IAK members, K. Gorozhankin, S. Sabirov and A. Chub, which has experience in doing business in Kazakhstan with regard to e-commerce. During 2010 the working group introduced a lot of remarks and proposals, met representatives of National Bank and deputies of Mazhilis and participated in sessions of working group of Mazhilis. We managed to maintain the fundamental positions of the members of working group and IAK. Todaythe billis approved bythe Head of State, and beganto act.

Bill about "Сopyright and allied rights"

In ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” they created special working group on the issues of copyright in Internet. Internet association plans to make it normal the legal relationship between an author of content and those who copies and distributes it. Each of us must have the right for an article, video audio materials, etc in Internet.