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Bill about "Сopyright and allied rights"

In ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” they created special working group on the issues of copyright in Internet. Internet association plans to make it normal the legal relationship between an author of content and those who copies and distributes it. Each of us must have the right for an article, video audio materials, etc in Internet.


According to the Internet Association we need assessment and expertise, provisions in the law that will be the basis for taking fair and intelligent decisions. Members of the Internet Association actively discuss issues of copyright in internet not to have precedents that can compromise the development of the Kazakh segment of internet.  


Recently Mazhilis (Parliament) of Kazakhstan has received the bill about intellectual property in term of which they discuss copyright and allied rights. The working group of the ULPA IAK actively participates in discussion of the Draft Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About amendments in some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan About intellectual property”.  



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