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General meeting ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan”

The general meeting of the member of ULPA «IAK» elects the Council of Association and President of Association for a term of 3 years from the executive employees of legal persons – Members. Under the president of the Association there is the executive directorate represented by the chief executive officer. Employees of the executive directorate are employed on contract by contract basis by the president of the Association in the limits of the stuff schedule and cost sheet approved by the general meeting.

The general meeting has the right to make decisions on any issues of the activity of Association.


The exclusive competence of the general meeting includes the following:


1) adopt and approve of foundation papers of association and introduction of amendments;

2) voluntary reorganize and liquidate of Association;

3) determine the order of division of property left after liquidation of the Association;

4)  determine the order and periodicity of representing the financial reports of executive bodies, and the order of holding checkups by the control body and approval of the results;

5) adopt the decision on participation of the Association in creation and/or activity of other legal entities in the limits established by the legislative acts;

6) make decisions on creation of branches and representations, approve of the Statute of branches and Representations, of appointment of the chiefs, of termination of activity;

7) уapprove of the priority trends of the Association;

8) approve of the stuff schedule of the executive directorate and its maintenance cost sheet;

9) approve of the annual financial report;

10) establish amount and manner of payment of admission, member and target fees of the Members of Association

11) elect the Audit commission, adopt the decision on early termination of its authority and approve of the reports of audit commission;

12) elect the president of Association, make decision on early termination of his authority, and approve of the quarterly reports of the President of Association;

13) elect the members of Council of Association, adopt decisions on early termination of authority of the member of the Council;

14) adopt decisions on change of the structure of the Council of Association.


The general meeting of the Association is summoned on the decision of the Council of Association by the President at least annually. Extraordinary general meeting of the Association is summoned under the initiative of the President of Association, one of the members of the Council or Chairman of Audit commission. The general meeting is legally qualified if more than a half of the general number of Members of Association takes part in it. Each member of Association has one vote at the general meeting. Authorities of the representative of the member of Association participating in the general meeting must be confirmed by the papers in accordance with the requirements of the legislature of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Decisions of the general meeting are made by open voting by a majority vote of those present members of Association, except the issues provided by the subitems 1,2,3 of the point of Charter, which decisions are made unanimously.