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Law applies to everyone without discrimination

Combating copyright divided Kaznet in two parts. The first part already observes copyright and is not nervous about it. The second group, i.e. four big resources, asks for two years of delay, and only then is going to live according to the law. 


They have already written the open letter to the minister of communication and information, prime-minister and deputies. In simple terms this letter can be decoded the following way: give us two years to use pirate content, earn money, and then we will become legal. I think this is wrong. Today the majority of Kaznet is working following all the laws. Why should others have indulgence? Law applies to everyone without discrimination.


Today this question is actively discussed both in forums in network and offline. Recently the institute of political decisions has held “round table. I also visited this event but I failed to hear distinct reasons why it is impossible to observe copyright today. They say that proposals of IAK in draft law will worsen position of internet resources. I asked directly to name at least one item that would worsen their position. Unfortunately, I’ve got no answer. And I will not get it obviously. I think as if people intentionally distribute information that does not reflect reality, and they use personal attacks, affronts and distort the name of document. It is a very interesting situation. A great part of popular sites is getting along without pirate content. You can see it yourself:,,,, and many other sites observe the laws. Of course, placing pirate content is profitable. A user gladly uses the site where he can, for example, download a movie free of charge. Thanks to this the audience increases, consequently, advertising in the recourse becomes more expensive. But this business is illegal. If initially business is founded on the pirate content, it must be either closed or it is necessary to refuse from violation of laws. That is all. So much so, that the acting legislature allows bringing to responsibility those who violate rights of copyright holders. As far as know now in Ust-Kamenogorks they entertain an action towards owners of internet resource that distributed movies without the permission from right holders. So, one should not think that only after the new law comes into force in Kaznet they will start put things in order. The order is being put. And two years of delay will not help anyone. In general, there was a very interesting comparison during the round table. As though thieves ask the prosecutor not to look in the Criminal Code during two years while they are stealing. It sounds funny.


Today the draft law on copyright is in Mazhilis. It is actively discussed. The main thing is that we want the simple people whose interests are not connected with pirate business be on our side. Everyone understands that it is impossible to steal or take without permission a laptop or cellular phone. It is a crime. Why can anyone dispose of someone’s intellectual property? This is also violation of the law! I believe that very soon our users will understand this. I just wish this day comes as soon as possible.


Vladimir Turekhanov, vice president of “Internet Association of Kazakhstan”