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Almost all sites of Kaznet are with pirate content

According to the president of ALE “Kazakhstani association for protection of copyright and related rights” Victor Losev, about 90 percent of Kazakhstani sites contain pirate content, informs


He announced it during the “round table” on the topic “Protection of copyright in information sphere” in Almaty. According to him, if we take the top of most visited sites in Kaznet, 3-4 of them are dedicated to online viewing of video and share of non-licensed movies and audio files.


“The question: do all responsible persons, I mean representatives of governmental agencies, know how many percents of pirate content contain Kaznet?...These are the sites that are top ten visited, they are probably 90 percent of pirate traffic”, informed Losev during  his speech.  Besides, he also warned all the users of torrents about responsibility that bear not only the owners of internet resources.


“We ourselves jeopardize the army of  workers that made efforts in creation if a movie. There are such users of torrents with nicks “SerzhKZ” and “Mega-pakhar’ (worker)” which think they are doing something distinguished. Actually they are used, and there are certain people that get material benefit from it, and they (in case of lawsuit) will not attract protection to your side”, resumed the president of association.


Losev also said that he is against of closing of such sites, “we want people do not use illegal content”.