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No borders in Kaznet!

We did it! ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan”, “Kazakhtelecom” JSC, “Kazcontent” JSC with participation of the Ministry of communications signed the program that allows the socially useful resources located at third-party hosting platforms (not only Kazakhtelecom) be available to users of Megaline and ID-Net without regard to traffic.


This news is doubtless positive and long-expected. Now the problem that was much talked about, the lack of place in data-centers of “Kazakhtelecom” JSC, will be resolved by means of third-party hosting providers. To participate in the program an owner of a site should file an application, after that his site will be considered by the experts and they will make the decision concerning granting or not of the free access to services of Megaline or ID-Net.

Do you remember the old commercials of antiperspirant showing the bus moving across desert full of people sitting on its roof? One of the people on the roof asks the driver: “has he gone away?” And there is one man sitting alone inside the bus and we see the commercials of antiperspirant. So, the sites consuming very much traffic and located at servers outside the platforms of Kazakhtelecom were like that man in the bus, i.e. there are many people in Kaznet but they mainly use sites with non-chargeable traffic and social networks.

Of course, after increased volume of prepaid traffic for users of Megaline the problem ceased to be so acute but this is only now. Do you remember when after limitation in 10 Gb, the increased volume of prepaid traffic was accepted like something incredible and it seemed that 20 Gb will be quite enough. Actually a person always needs more =)

In general, good news for users and web masters is the following:

  • For users: they will get more sites with non-chargeable traffic.
  • For webmasters: now to be free for users of Megline and ID-Net you should not be obligatory located at data-center of “Kazakhtelecom” where they can fail to have place or you are not satisfied with them.


You can find more information about the program in the scans of agreement.