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“KazNIC”: no failure in Kaznet

The head of the Kazakhstani network information center “KazNIC” Pavel Gusev confirms that on 26th of April there was no failure in Kaznet. He announced about it in the interview to the correspondent of information agency “”.


“Where did you get this information? It is impossible. Did the Premier’s site also have failure? The Premier’s site is working well like it did … I just do not understand what kind of failure you are talking about”, said P.Gusev.


Yesterday, on 26th of April there was a failure that deactivated the great part of Kazakhstani internet. In particular, this situation caused discomfort to the owners of “kz” domain.


In the interview to “Vremya” newspaper the head of Internet Association of Kazakhstan Shavkat Sabirov confirmed that this accident took place.


“Even the personal webpage of Prime-minister Masimov suffered”, said Sh. Sabirov. He also emphasized that in half an hour the work of World Wide Web was restored.

According to “Vremya”, in “HOST.KZ Ltd” they also confirmed that many internet users and owners of corporate sites experienced serious discomfort.

“The happened situation is definitely the reason for a serious investigation. And since the failure did occur in domain zone “.kz”, than the responsible is the center of network information “KazNIC”, which is the only technical provider in Kazakhstan that provides the support of trouble-free operation of Kaznet”, writes the correspondent of “Vremya”.