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Respect someone else's work. Pay for it!

On June 23 Kazakhstani cinemas will host the opening night of the first foreign movie dubbed in the Kazakh language according to the highest standards of film art, animation movie “Cars 2”. To the release of the animation movie...


“Bolashak” Association, “Meloman” company and studio “Pixar/WaltDisney” decided to show the example how today it is possible to execute amendments to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About culture” according to which from January 1, 2012 the Kazakhstani film distribution will allow only the films that have dubbed variant in the state language.


In Hollywood they think that in complexity the process of good translation of movies into other languages can be compared to the creation of the film. For the dubbing of the film “Cars 2” they needed about 40 individual voices and work of the whole group of translators, film editors and filmmakers. As the result the Kazakh language became the second Turkic language (after Turkish) that this movie was translated into! !


Of course, such complicated and expensive project would not be realized without support of sponsors, International charity fund “Altyn-Kyran” that allotted about 120 thousand US dollars.


Since Internet Association of Kazakhstan understands the role of cinema attendance for creators and sponsors of any film, we address to the potential viewers of “Cars 2”:


Respect someone else’s work, do not place in internet pirate copies of the film and do not allow other do it!