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Google company restarted the work of search in domain zone of Kazakhstan, informs Already in the evening of June 14th Kazakhstani users could use services of

Now when entering the site the search automatically redirects users from Kazakhstan to the service located in domain zone of the state allowing users processing results of search requests taking into account local specifics.

The decision of Google about redirection of users of service to 8of June8 was caused by the refusal of the company to obey the order of local authorities concerning transfer of local service of search to the servers located in Kazakhstan. Later it was found out that the staff of the search was misinformed about the details of work in domain zone .kz. According to the president of Association of IT companies of Kazakhstan Nurlan Isin only domain names registered in domain zone of the republic after September 7, 2010 are obliged to conduct work from Kazakhstani servers.