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Create site in the Kazakh language? Easily!

Work on translation of sites management systems goes to plan. At the moment Internet Association of Kazakhstan together with Kcell holds the work on translation of CSM in Kazakh. It is time to tell in detail about our work and what it can give you. 

At the moment 66.15% of core Drupal 6 is translated, i.e. 1280 lines from 1935. The work on Drupal 7 and Drupal 5 is going on and very soon they will be fully translated. We translate both client and administrative parts to allow a person that knows only Kazakh using this system with comfort.


For the translation we use localization server Drupal. It has translations in all the languages Drupal is represented in. Just recently there was 1% on the server in section of Kazakh language.  Gradually we leveled the statistics and now look not so bad against the rest of the world:



I think in the nearest 2-3 weeks we will accomplish progress-bar.

Official profile of translator of “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” in server of translations. is a very nice tool for translation and it represents official translations for all cores and modules Drupal. When you install new module for your site the translation automatically loads from this site, so having once translated the module at this service you automatically share the translation with the entire world. This means that any web master in any part of the world can easily create site in the Kazakh language.


At the moment we are working at translation of the core since this is the main part of the system. Despite the fact that it is just the core of the system it allows making much from the box. If you decided to create standalone blog n the Kazakh language or portal with forum and news, you can do it even now.


Links to files of translation:

Drupal 5

Drupal 6

Drupal 7

Very soon we are going to launch the renewed and put there installation profiles in Kazakh and screencasts on work with Drupal. Wait for interesting news!


We express thanks to Kcell for the rendered assistance.