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Results of the extraordinary meeting of the members of ULPA IAK

On July 15, 2011 Almaty hosted the extraordinary meeting of the members of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan”. The new members are approved of, the president and vice-president of the Association is elected, a number of organizational issues are settled.

At the moment the Association includes 23 organizations that support acitivity of the association.

During the general meeting they considered a number of questions concerning activity of ULPA “IAK”:

  1. about approval of new members.
  2. about election of the president and vice-president of ULPA “IAK”.
  3. about conformity with aims and tasks of ULPA “IAK” to some actions undertaken
    by “Internet portal Nur, Ltd.”
  4. about change of number and structure of the Council of ULPA “”IAK”.
  5. miscellaneous.


Following the results of the meeting the following new members of the Association were approved of: “EffectiveMediaLiaison, Ltd” (founder of internet resources,, “Union of property rights protection” public association (owner of the search system, institution “Kazakh center of network information”, “Design-studio Manifest, Ltd”.

Also Shavkat Sabirov asked the general meeting to approve of his application on termination of his activity as the president of IAK and offered candidate of Vladimir Turekhanov to the post of the president of IAK. Following the results of voting V. Turekhanov was elected as the President of IAK, and Sh. Sabirov was elected as the vice-president.

The third issue caused the hot discussions of the participants, and after all the general meeting made the decision concerning the fact that actions of portal do not correspond to aims and tasks of IAK. Following the results of the voting they decided to exclude portal from the members of IAK because of the actions that do not correspond to aims and tasks of IAK.

Thus, today 23 companies are the members of IAK. In 2011 it is supposed to continue the work on attraction of new members in IAK.
Concerning the fourth question about increase of number of members of IAK Council they made the decision to leave the number of members without change.

For referential use:
ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” (IAK) was created two years ago to unify Webciety in our state and develop Kazakhstani segment of global Internet. One of the main tasks of IAK is to represent interests of the participants of Kazakhstani market of internet services in the state bodies, and represent achievements of Kazakhstani market of internet services in the world scene, cooperate in active participation of Kazakhstani internet companies in international projects.

Now the Association cooperates with the same organizations in the world. In particular, in 2010 they signed Memorandums about cooperation and joint activity with Internet Association of Ukraine (InAU) and Russian association of e-communications (RAEC). The
association actively works on draft laws and other regulatory legal documents of state agencies.

The management of the Association plans to hold a number of round tables and other events on internet business, for example, how to make Kaznet attractive for investors, how to increase the share of advertising investments, etc. The separate point in the plans of IAK is development of the Kazakh language in Internet. In May 2010 with the support of IAK they held the 1st Kazakhstani internet conference iMIX 2011, June 2011 – round table on combating illegal content in Kaznet, they announced about work on creation of the “hot line” and service