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"Namys Doda" ("Big Race") - the new professional award of Kaznet

In Kazakhstan ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” initiated “Namys doda” (Big race) professional awards. “Namys doda” is a contest for determination of the best sites, events and persons of the Kazakhstani segment of internet (Kaznet).

Nominations and voting is realized by the jury consisting from the leading figures of Kaznet.

It is unlikely that anyone will dispute that any industry, and sphere of internet developments is no exception here, needs professional contests that can assess the done work and tell what is really appreciated in the prospect.

There is only one similar contest in Kazakhstan, that is “National internet awards”, which was held for the 9th time in 2011 and determined the best sites and mobile apps of Kaznet in 10 thematic and 9 special nominations.

The professional awards “Namys doda” will complement reflecting opinions of the leaders of Kaznet. The awards will be held regularly with the aim to reveal the most significant projects and persons of Kaznet and determine the trends of its development.

Professional awards «Namys doda»is:

  • Great and actual choice of nominations;
  • Assessment, if rated honestly, of sites, persons and events of Kaznet;
  • Dynamic conduction of the contest and publicity of all its results.


The experts that nominate and assess the participants of the contest (sites, persons and event) are the most authoritative internet figures of Kazakhstan, famous for their networking projects and public activity.


Thus, this is the professional awards where people inside the internet industry assess projects that appeared during the last year or made a significant breakthrough during this year in their development.


According to the provisions about the contest, in the first round all the participants are nominated, finalists and grand prize winners are determined. Besides, networking figures made the biggest contribution in the development of Kaznet are nominated in “Top Ten of “Namys doda”. In the final the jury determines the winners of the contest.


The voting will be held online. At the moment the site is under development.


Nomination of candidates and determination of winners for 2011 will be held by e-mail.


Winners of the contest will be announced at the press-conference after the final voting is finished.


Award ceremony will take place in March 2012.



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