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On June 27, 2011 in Almaty (113 Baitursynov street, corner of Satpaev street, “Interhotel Astana” hotel, Kurultai hall) ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” supported by the Ministry of Culture holded the Round table.


Theme of the Round table: “20 years of Kazakhstan: place and role of non-governmental organizations, business and state in combating distribution in internet of content propagandizing extremism, terrorism, drug addiction, pornography, cruelty and violation”.






In terms of discussion is the following: creation of public “hot line” and site receiving users’ messages about illegal content in Kaznet on the basis of the principles put in the Declaration of service providers and hosting providers of the Republic of Kazakhstan about secure internet adopted in June 2010.


Leaders of a number of non-governmental organizations, representatives of popular internet resources, service providers, and deputies of the Parliament Mazhilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Nur Otan” PDP (People's Democratic Party), representatives of state agencies participated in the work of the round table.



Today one of the main sources of information is internet as global means of communication providing access to information services beyond territorial borders and national differences.


However, information in internet has immense potential of influence of both positive (creative) and negative (destructive) character. The latter are the materials propagandizing extremism, terrorism, drug addiction, pornography, cruelty and violence.


The aim of the round table is to assist in development of Kaznet as informational environment secure for all users and, primarily, for children, as well as combating distribution of illegal information including extremism, terrorism, drug addiction, pornography, cruelty and violence.




For example, in 2010 according to the Committee of criminal police of the Ministry of internal affairs of RK, they revealed more than 1800 facts of violation of law in the sphere of information technologies. There were initiated more than 200 criminal cases on illegal access to computers (15 cases revealed), on facts of realization and placing of counterfeit products (81 cases revealed), on illegal realization of special technical means (6 cases revealed), on use of Internet sponsored by others (21 case revealed). In terms of operational procedures on combating distribution of pornography there were initiated 61 cases, and 4 criminal cases on distribution of cult of cruelty and violence.


“Last year Kazakhstani service providers and hosting providers at signing of the Declaration achieved understanding about necessary consolidation of actions in combating so- called “dangerous” content. This year we intend to use certain tools and activate the work in this direction”, says the President of ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan. “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” emphasizes the important participation of both the state and community in this issue. It is better to combat illegal content together with users, service providers and state”.



According to initiators the next step is creation in 2011 of the “hot line” on illegal content. The “hot line” will be available in Internet and on the phone providing privacy of all personal information of the sender of message. With the help of the site users will be able to send messages about internet resources containing materials with propaganda of drugs, pornography, etc. Experts of the “hot line” will analyze information and technical aspects of the revealed content. The Received data will be passed to the law- enforcement bodies to reveal delinquents and to stop turnover of illegal information (blocking, closing of site).


The same hot lines are available in other states of the world; they help to prevent appearance of illegal content in Internet. In Russia following the results of year 2010 the hot line received more than 20 thousand messages. Recently the popular Russian social network “Vkontakte” concerned with the problem of insecure content at the pages of the users and intends to filter its appearance. The social network promised to clear the resource from child’s pornography and other similar materials till January 1, 2012 with the help of “cyber troop”. Its members will be working free of charge, and any user of social network can become a “censor”.


“We got used to think that combating illegal content and other negative is the work of the state only. But today we understand that the community also is ready to take the responsibility. We are glad that today Internet Association of Kazakhstan holds very respectable round table where each has the opportunity to express his opinion”, thinks the deputy of Mazhilis Murat Abenov.


Today Internet is the integral part of lives of modern children. With the development of mobile and broadband access to Internet the issue of introduction of service of “parents’ control” becomes relevant. As you know, developers of antivirus programs offer such services in their products.


Service and hosting providers also think that reduced volumes of illegal content in Kaznet directly depend on creation and promotion of high-quality resources with positive information and useful services.



Organizers hope that the round table will become traditional, and service will be the unique platform for proposals, discussions and expression of active social responsibility of the representatives of the State, business and community in combating “dangerous” content in Internet!


Additional information:


The “hot line” combating illegal content in Kaznet will react to sites containing:

  • Child’s pornography;
  • Other kinds of sexual abuse of children;
  • Activity of child molesters on decoying away victims;
  • Propaganda and condonation of terrorism, communication and recruitment in terroristic organizations;
  • Propaganda, communication and recruitment in organizations of political and extremist character;
  • Propaganda sectaries, religious extremists, recruitment of adepts;
  • Crimes against personal data, honor and human dignity;
  • Propaganda of drugs and their usage;
  • Propaganda of crimes, solicitation to commit them;
  • Internet fraud;
  • Program and technical threat;
  • Other internet threats


“Internet Association of Kazakhstan” was founded in July 2009 with the aim to unite all the participants of Kazakhstani market of internet services, to render assistance in introduction of innovative internet technologies in commercial, public and cultural spheres and to represent interests of the participants of the market in agencies of State power.



A.E. Lyakhov, vice president of IAK

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