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Round table "Safety of Internet space in Kazakhstan: implications for business and society"

On December 8, 2011, ULPA “IAK” held the round table regarding “Secure World Wide Web of Kazakhstan: aims of the society and business”. The meeting took place at 9:30 AM, in Almaty, “InterHotel Astana” (“Kurultai” hall).




During the first round table (June 27, 2011) ULPA “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” made the first step in this direction. That was the creation of hotline for secure Internet in Kazakhstan. The hotline is a special internet service, which allows any user of Internet to inform on a no-name basis about the illegal content discovered in Internet. Following the results of the first checkup of a message the experts of Hotline take action to terminate the turnover of such content (blocking, closing, etc.), and cooperate in creation of secure World Wide Web in Kazakhstan. Besides, there was held the basic annual results of combating the illegal content and determine the further steps in this direction from the civil society and business.