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Visit to school #139

On February 5, 2011 we met with pupils of school #139 of Almaty to talk with them about internet and literature portal Our company was big. 

Visiting school №40

Today we accompanied by the team of went to Almaty school #40. We talked to the pupils about internet.  Pupils turned to be very forward-minded and smart, and well-bred. =) The conversation was interesting.

Visit to specialized lyceum # 165

Educational movement held by Internet association of Kazakhstan will be continued. We plan to read lectures in schools till the end of school year.

Lecture in school #72

Today we went to school #72 together with Ersultan to hold a lesson with pupils. The school is situated in Dzhandosov-Pravda Street. We reached the school before traffic jam began, and started our lesson.

Lecture in school №127

On the May 17, 2011, Tuesday, we went to school #127 that is situated in Taugul. There were many questions in Twitter concerning the way we choose schools. To tell the truth we do it at random, mainly we choose the nearest ones =)