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Visit to school #139

On February 5, 2011 we met with pupils of school #139 of Almaty to talk with them about internet and literature portal Our company was big. 


There were many people there. The audience was very interested in our theme. After all pupils of city schools know much more about internet than pupils of rural schools, though they use it mainly for surfing in social networks and on-line games.

This time the meeting was held in school hall with projector.


We met pupils of 10-11 grades. They are almost adults that will become students very soon. The first to speak was RamErs, he talked about basic possibilities of, why people need it and for whom it was created. I was the next speaker. I explained in detail how to use the portal.


We showed everything with the help of projector so that pupils could understand us better. We connected to Internet with the help of Beeline, entered the site and showed its functionality. In future, I think, we should pay more attention to it.

subaur spoke after me, he talked about blogging and blog-platform, and the audience listened to us very attentively:



And smerch was the last speaker that talked to the pupils. Than we played prizes. =) This guy knew almost all answers to the question concerned with Internet.



This visit was full of positive emotions. It is always wonderful to rouse interest of pupils. By the way, I would like to ask Your-visions, those who studied in Almaty, to help to organize such visits, i.e. you go to your native school, talk to the principal explain what you want and contact us. I think this will make good for all, your native school and pupils and us. =)