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Visit to specialized lyceum # 165

Educational movement held by Internet association of Kazakhstan will be continued. We plan to read lectures in schools till the end of school year.


The most important in this movement is the counter movement of the pupils. And it successfully exists. We are very glad to see hot-eyed pupils that ask questions concerning themes they are interested in. It is pleasant to light fire in their eyes. Fire of ambition for the better, for development.

Each school is unique in its own way. Each school has its spirit. I understood it after I visited some of them. Last Saturday we went to technical lyceum #165. Pupils of this school very well understand where they should go studying, and what they should do. But today I would like to tell about schools and pupils in general.

When I studied at school the only place for intercourse was street. It was great if you had some transport, bike, scooter, horse, etc. 

Now children have another transport. That is internet. They use it mostly to intercommunicate with friends. One can develop mental abilities using internet as well as using bike it is possible to develop sport abilities. The main thing is to show pupils the ways of doing it.

Modern pupils are different from those many years ago. It is difficult to surprise them. They heard and saw everything.  They have more maximalism, and less assiduity. But it is even better. Nowadays it is better not to sit in one place, one should move forward.