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Lecture in school #72

Today we went to school #72 together with Ersultan to hold a lesson with pupils. The school is situated in Dzhandosov-Pravda Street. We reached the school before traffic jam began, and started our lesson.


In this article I would like to tell about the reason why I give my lectures.

All lecturers give lectures for a big audience but I think many of them understand that they never can interest all. Nevertheless, when you come to tell something only once and not training always as a teacher does, than the approach is quite different.


I read my lectures for those some people that listen and understand. If only 1 person is encouraged for a deed after my words and starts thinking and doing something than I can say that the lectures is not given in vain.




More often these people sit quietly during the lecture. At the end of the lecture when it is time to ask questions and everybody strives to escape from the lesson, they ask questions being not afraid of the anger of classmates.



I am sure that in about 5 years this work will give results. Very often there are not so many people that listen and want to listen. 2-3 persons in class.

And as usual the most interesting things happen behind the scenes. Guys are obviously interested in the topic, and I am interested in the level of their preparation. We exchange contacts.



Think, that our work is not done in vain, and we will manage to raise educated generation. Essentially this is our generation and it is we who should raise it.


The topic was “20 years of independence. 20 years of Kaznet”. Internet association of Kazakhstan will continue its educational movement in the schools of Kazakhstan. In the nearest future it is planned to issue supporting materials for newbie web-developers. So the work is moving! =)