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Kazakh language in Internet

Development and popularization of the Kazakh language in INTERNET


17 сентября в Алматинском Доме Дружбы состоялся семинар, посвященный теме развития и популяризации казахскоязычного контента в сети интернет. Семинар организован фондом «WikiBilim» при поддержке Комитета по языкам Министерства культура и информации РК.




Translation of Wordpress

Project of translation of CMS in the Kazakh language is running its course.  Drupal 6 and 7 have been practically translated and by the end of week we will place ready units for installation of site in the Kazakh language. Now we started the work on the next CMS that is Wordpress 3.1.x.

The problem of development of the Kazakh language in Kaznet

The problem of development of the Kazakh language in Kaznet is distributed during several years but the state and society has not consolidated their efforts yet. Isolated position does not allow Kazakh-language resources to come to the new level.  Internet activists stake on the technical aspect, representatives of the commonwealth of journalists discredit the translation of many terms, state programs on support of sites become irrelevant, public organizations hold big work on analysis of Kaznet but often it is unnoticed. Kaznet experts assert that the problem has a complex character, and its resolution is not only in uniform tasks on propaganda and advertising on studying the language.

CMS translation

“Internet Association of Kazakhstan” supported by Kcell held work on translation of popular systems of sites management in the Kazakh language during the last 3 months. there are such systems as Drupal, a popular free system of creation of sites of any complicity, Wordpress, a popular system of sites management used as the basic one for blogs among the translated one. In the nearest future it is planned to translate Joomla, a popular system that is used by many Kazakhstani sites. All translations are available to be downloaded free.

Dictionary of web-terms

Public organizations also promote the Kazakh language in internet. For example, the Support center of the Kazakh journalists “Minber” stake on multimedia and exclusive content in the Kazakh language. The center occasionally holds trainings and seminars for the Kazakh-language journalists on the development of skills in using new media tools.




Also to assist the beginning web masters they will create a number of video lessons in the Kazakh language that will explain who to create a site in different systems, explain their administration and adjust. Such video lessons and screencasts proved themselves in the world internet to be an excellent teaching aid for those who study web mastering. These video materials will also be placed on, and separate channels will be created for them on popular video-hosting (,,, etc.)






Translation of CMS into Kazakh language

For a long time I’ve been engaged in translation of sites management systems in the Kazakh language. In spring 2008 we faced the problem of complexity in creation of sites in Kazakh language.  For creation of site in Russian it is required far less efforts, than for creation of Kazakh one. This is providing knowledge of Kazakh and English. Actually, each webmaster independently has to translate site interface in Kazakh for the creation of site. And this happens with each newly created site. That is many people do the same work. Here we do not even speak about efficient expanding of site.