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Translation of CMS into Kazakh language

For a long time I’ve been engaged in translation of sites management systems in the Kazakh language. In spring 2008 we faced the problem of complexity in creation of sites in Kazakh language.  For creation of site in Russian it is required far less efforts, than for creation of Kazakh one. This is providing knowledge of Kazakh and English. Actually, each webmaster independently has to translate site interface in Kazakh for the creation of site. And this happens with each newly created site. That is many people do the same work. Here we do not even speak about efficient expanding of site. 

In 2008 there were also problems with encoding. We together with forum users at coped with this problem and translated interface Joomla! 1.5 in Kazakh by means of spikes like JooomFish. But this did not solve the problem in general.


At the moment Internet Association of Kazakhstan together with Kcell holds the work on translation of CSM in Kazakh. Drupal will be the first to be translated. At the moment 1500 lines of actual version 6.x is translated, in future version 7.x will be translated, though now you can use them since translation of interface allows coping with the system without knowing Russian or English.

We think, that translation of CSM in Kazakh will allow reduce considerably the threshold of complexity in creation of site in Kazakh, and consequently increase their number in Kaznet. With the increased number of sites the number of content in Kazakh will grow.


We started our work a month ago and achieved god results. I think, during the summer we will manage to translate three most popular CSM: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla.


It is not enough to translate interface in Kazakh, it is necessary to describe fully and easily to webmasters how to use them. For this purpose it is planned to create the number of video podcasting and screen casting in Kazakh explaining how to create, set, full and promote site.


The summer promises to be hot and I am sure it will be favorable.

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