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CMS translation

“Internet Association of Kazakhstan” supported by Kcell held work on translation of popular systems of sites management in the Kazakh language during the last 3 months. there are such systems as Drupal, a popular free system of creation of sites of any complicity, Wordpress, a popular system of sites management used as the basic one for blogs among the translated one. In the nearest future it is planned to translate Joomla, a popular system that is used by many Kazakhstani sites. All translations are available to be downloaded free.


This project on translation will help both newly created sites and existing one, whose creators can add the Kazakh language to their interface without any problems and absolutely free of charge. All the materials will be placed on

With a purpose of appearance of interactive and bright sites it is planned to create a number of decorative fonts. Their use will allow making sites more attractive and allow designers make sites in the Kazakh language faster and simply.


In general, this program is aimed at reduced barrier of entry for the creation of the Kazakh-language sites for the first-time web masters, popularized of creation of sites in the Kazakh language, simplified translation of existing sites into the Kazakh language, assistance to web masters in elaboration of sites, and , as a result, increased share of sites in internet the Kazakh language.


Besides, the following problems can be specified as technical one for the development of the Kazakh language in internet: deficit of program products, lack of program on font transliteration from Cyrillic alphabet to Roman type, to Arabic script for communicating with Kazakh people abroad. There is also an opinion that it is possible to work out Roman alphabet for the Kazakh language only for internet without change of Cyrillic alphabet in other cases, what now is done by separate users. The issues of possible translation of the Kazakh language from Cyrillic alphabet to Roman one also causes mixed reaction among internet community.


Organizers hope that joint discussion of the problems and prospective of the Kazakh-language content in the form of round table can force consolidation of efforts of internet figures in popularization of the state language in Kaznet.