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The problem of development of the Kazakh language in Kaznet

The problem of development of the Kazakh language in Kaznet is distributed during several years but the state and society has not consolidated their efforts yet. Isolated position does not allow Kazakh-language resources to come to the new level.  Internet activists stake on the technical aspect, representatives of the commonwealth of journalists discredit the translation of many terms, state programs on support of sites become irrelevant, public organizations hold big work on analysis of Kaznet but often it is unnoticed. Kaznet experts assert that the problem has a complex character, and its resolution is not only in uniform tasks on propaganda and advertising on studying the language.


Askhat Erkimbai, Head of the Center of Kazakh journalists support “Minber”: «Yes, there are people in Kaznet that stand for the active development of the Kazakh-language resources. But, I think, it is necessary to create an informal organization to synchronize the general work. Also the people that will independently create high-quality and actual content in the Kazakh language must be financially and technically supported. One of the reasons of passive development of the Kazakh-language resources is that the creators of content do not know each other, their work on promotion, translation and initiative is isolated»


Aidos Sarym, vice president of “Abai-akparat” non-governmental foundation ( «ЯI do not think that Kazakh-language resources are in the background of Kaznet. There is a more complicated question: what must we consider as the authentic Kaznet? I think, in future Kaznet will broadcast in the Kazakh language and produced in the Roman script. And here I agree with Anton Nosik and other Russian internauts that do not perceive Russian-language Kaznet as the independent phenomenon. It is more a temporary and transition stage that in future will be reduced and shrunk like The Magic Skin. Kazakh internet is on the upgrade and will be improved in amount and quality manner.


Kazakh-language market is implicitly a big market that has a tendency to replace the Russian-language Kaznet. If we consider it as a market, then during the last two years there appeared perhaps more sites and new projects than during all the years. The problems of the Kazakh internet are connected with general problems of the development of the language and state policy in general. Each year the transition from marginal sphere to the official mainstream will be faster. Another problem is connected with the fact that till today the Kazakh internet was a business of patriots, patrons of language and culture. The faster it passes this stage the better.

When will the Kazakh internet become business rather than amateurishness? I guess, in three or five years. The Kazakh internet appeared with delay, long time lag. But it will quickly make up for lost time».


Ruslan Minulin, Coordinator of the project of Youth MediaUnion of Kazakhstan (Let's speak қазақша!): «The Kazakh-language resources have no target audience. Sometimes this is a platform to satisfy the own ambitions of another “weeper about the language”: the audience of such resource is the weeper himself. Sometimes it is a simple and bright children resource but rural kids have no access to internet. That means that such platform again has reduced audience from the start-up. Teachers that gave private lessons do not use internet as a rule, and they have problems with mastering e-mail (but why? This is a very interesting question), consequently, the Kazakh-language resources are not used by them. The real audience is cubicle dwellers spread in social networking sites. But less people couch it. And here it is necessary to start with. If people waste much time in Odnoklassniki, M-Agent, Skype, etc., then they will have time to the Kazakh language. It is necessary to make it “tasty” for them. Here and now. This is what our project Let’s speak қазақша! Is engaged in with the help of a wonderful group in Facebook named СӨЙЛЕ! Club at the KIMEP.»


Emphasis of the state

As you know, this June the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev confirmed the state program of development and functioning of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 by his decree. It is planned that following the results of the program the share of the adult population speaking the state language will make 20% by 2014, 80% by 2017, 95% by 2020.

«…If in 1991 only 82 editions in Kazakhstan were published in the Kazakh language, then today they are 523. About 80% of books are published in the Kazakh language in our state. If peace and concord are in our country, soon will come the day when the Kazakh language will be fully used”, the head of the state noticed.

According to many experts, one of the problems of the development of the Kazakh language is absolutization of administrative approaches in studying and using the language, including introduction of record management in the state language, determination of terms of programs. Here less attention is paid to the motivation for studying the language and creation of exclusive content.

«Each citizen, student, young worker, manager, father, state official, mother must realize why they and their children should learn the language and how they are going to do it. Only conscientious attitude to studying the language, the understanding of its necessity will lead us to success. I know what I am speaking about because I myself studied several languages», - Prime-minister of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov wrote in his blog.