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Dictionary of web-terms

Public organizations also promote the Kazakh language in internet. For example, the Support center of the Kazakh journalists “Minber” stake on multimedia and exclusive content in the Kazakh language. The center occasionally holds trainings and seminars for the Kazakh-language journalists on the development of skills in using new media tools.



The bright sample of the pro-active attitude in studying the Kazakh language is the project of journalists Ruslan Minulin and Svetlana Galieva «Let’s speak қазақша!» in the structure of the Youth media union of Kazakhstan. Idee fixe of the project is trilingualism and higher motivation in studying the language primarily among journalists. Creators of the project stake on communication in the Kazakh language both in internet (social networking sites) and offline.


 « “Internet Association of Kazakhstan” together with “GSM Kazakhstan, Ltd.” with Kcell trading mark decided to contribute in the development of the Kazakh language in internet.

«The problem to create a site in the Kazakh language became especcilay acute during the last years. Each web master that wishes to create his own site in the Kazakh language has to transate its interface in the kazkah language using his own efforts. And this was done by all the web masters that were engaged in the elaboration of sites in the Kazakh language. This caused the loss of time, efforts, and, consequently, appreciation of working out. Besides, this resulted in the fact that each site was translated independently and translations of all the sites had inconsistency when using terms» - сIAK executive supervisor Aset Nurpeisov thinks.


Inconsistency of translation of specific terms is a familiar problem of the creators of the Kazakh-language sites. According to the project manager of “” site, Zhalgas Ertai, the problem is both in the web terms, and all the spheres that have inconsistency of terms in the Kazakh language. I think, there are several dictionaries from Russian-English to the Kazakh language in this sphere of information technologies but obscure words exist even in these editions. The case is that they were elaborated and edited without participation of internet community. It is at such round table table that internet activists and patrons of the Kazakh language can discuss these issues. Such platform for the exchange of opinions can be created in the networking as well, with the available results of this discussion, he added.