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Translation of Wordpress

Project of translation of CMS in the Kazakh language is running its course.  Drupal 6 and 7 have been practically translated and by the end of week we will place ready units for installation of site in the Kazakh language. Now we started the work on the next CMS that is Wordpress 3.1.x.


Wordpress - is popular system of site management more often used for blogs. Its translation allows representing very easy and flexible system with many plug-in for creation of small and medium sites that do not need comprehensive knowledge of web mastering and independent translation in the Kazakh language.


The group of translation Wordpress on site was opened upon the initiative of Internet association of Kazakhstan: - is a very convenient localization server. W have already estimated its possibilities, and it very well satisfies all requests that can occur during translation. 


After we informed about this news in the official twitter of Internet association of Kazakhstan , several volunteers started translation of this CMS using their own resources. We are very grateful to them!


At the moment the situation is the following: In general we need to translate 3173 lines. Volunteers have already translated 1375 lines. Internet Association of Kazakhstan is moderator of translation and it invites all who wants make contribution to the development of the Kazakh language in internet to participate in translation of Wordpress 3.1.x into the Kazakh language.


You should register at site and introduce translations in the Kazakh group of translation.


Not all the translations can be approved of. Because to unify translations we must adhere to one terminology that is used in system.


For information and assistance in translation use the following links:



Let’s translate Wordpress together!


The project is realized with sponsorship of Kcell.