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Mobile World Conference 2011

Tomorrow we will live better than today

Mobile World Conference 2011 was a reveal for me concerning the progress of Android devices. It represented many of this devices and much was connected with this platform, so that for a second it seemed like Open Source won =)


In general, Android devices are good, besides some unimportant things:

1)Why do they run down faster than they charge?

2) Why do they run down so fast?

Of course, I understand that their resources are not small, and there was a time when I could not even dream about computer with characteristics of Galaxy Tab 10.1. But it is better not to play with energy efficiency of mobile devices. If my Nokia’s battery is available during 5 days, and the newest cellular phone on Android only during 2 days, than they should think about what is more important, to keep always in touch or new applications.


I hope, in future the problem will be solved and we will be able to use all the capacity of new gadgets during the same period as we use the old ones.

The next thing that caught my eye at the exhibition is everpresent promotion of Galaxy from Samsung:



Here is Galaxy S II in my hands

And this is its elder co-brother Galaxy Tab 10.1

By the way, excellent device, I think it is the nearest rival of Apple IPad, and the next is LG Optimus or devices from Acer

Acer brought to the exhibition many devices of different sizes and characteristics

And the most interesting device from Acer is Iconia (typing is very legible, almost no mistakes)

LG represented its new projects: cellular phone with 3D and its Optimus Pad, which can even shoot 3D promos. By the way, my Nokia e72 is harder than Optimus

And outside we felt Spain with its passion for football


Apple was not represented at the exhibition, as well as Nokia. Concerning Apple everything is understood, but Nokia is rapidly losing the market and keeping the policy that can backfire on it.


Thereupon I finish my narrative so that you are not tired of iron reviews on the threshold of the holiday. I congratulate all the women on the 8th of March. Await new articles =)

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